Akes Ft. Nolay ‘Black And Proud’

Akes ‘Black and Proud’ ft Nolay

With October being Black History Month in the UK, Akes links up with one of grime’s most infamous acts, Nolay to celebrate their culture and heritage. Speaking on the oppression black people have faced throughout history as well as being able to once again find their culture, we are given a track full of not just self-acceptance but expressing why being black is something to be proud of and something that should be celebrated.

Produced by Mr Allen, the track features a soft and subtle piano which introduces the rest of the instrumental. Progressing over the length of the song we hear claps that further push the impact of the positive lyrics heard throughout.

Part way through, we also hear a short, spoken word poem speaking on the strides that have been taken across the world to improve equality. Performed by Akes’ uncle we are also reminded that we still have a long way to go. Reflecting on recent events we are reminded why we must keep fighting to rule out the inequalities of the world.

“Peaceful protest, not this time, this movement holds no bounds.”

Residing in Wolverhampton, Akes has recently spoken on being the only disabled artist within the UK music scene which is deserving of celebration itself. Speaking to J-Fresh on a recent Pyro Radio interview, Akes spoke on the difficulties of being born with cerebral palsy, a condition that effects movement and coordination. The condition is also the inspiration behind the name ‘Akes’, reflecting on the aches and pains that the disability causes.

“They wanna hold us down because they know we’re black and proud!”

Nolay is another artist that shows an incredible ability to speak on difficult subjects as well as issues that have had a personal impact throughout her life. Filling her verse with positive affirmations, Nolay once again aims to inspire a generation, just like her work inspired women to have the confidence to pick up the mic and spray.

Together, they have both shown that they can create a track full of substance. Raising awareness on issues that aren’t so commonly spoken on and doing it in a way that is sure to catch your attention.

Luke Bryant @LukeBryxnt

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