AJ Tracey – Secure The Bag! 2

After teasing fans about a project featuring “2015/2016 style music”, AJ drops nostalgic EP ‘Secure The Bag! 2’. This comes as the sequel to the first ‘Secure The Bag!’, 3 years on from it’s release in 2017.
The visual concept for the EP in this ‘Secure The Bag!’ series boasts a clear motive, with his latest offering featuring another illustrated cover art where AJ is accompanied by a female companion as seen on the preceding EP cover. The project, with collaborations from Swoosh God, Sloan Evans and slowthai, is sure to satisfy AJ’s more seasoned fanbase.
‘LA4AWEEK2’, another sequel for Tracey, features Sloan Evans and Swoosh God. The trio collaborated back in 2017 on Sloan’s ‘Apologies’ – a track where AJ really began to start showcasing his versatility as an artist. The track features a slightly revised version of the hook from the original ‘LA4AWEEK’, solidifying that this EP was deliberately stylised to re-create perennial AJT. This reminiscent theme is carried throughout the entire EP with ‘Red & Green’ cleverly sampling AJ’s own track ‘Quarterback’ from the first STB!
‘Graveyard Shift’, featuring slowthai and produced by Nyge, see’s Tracey supplying effortless flows married with a catchy hook, as well as tracks like ‘Hikkoman’ also reminding us that AJ is equally as proficient with melodies as he is with bars.
AJ divulges “I went platinum back to back, AJ Tracey’s back” on ‘Blow My Phone’ – a reminder of his extraordinary independent success and a confirmation of his homecoming to reclaim his spot as one of UK rap’s most triumphant artists.
STB!2 will surely satisfy both old and new AJ supporters alike, but it’s clear to see that this one was truly for the fans.
Stream AJ Tracey – Secure The Bag! 2 here.
Chloe Mykel @cocomykel

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