Against All Odds (Super Trailer) by Femi Oyeniran Nicki ‘Slimting’ Walker

Check out the trailer for new film @againstallodds from the directors of @theintent2, @Nickyslimting & @femioyeniran The film is a homage to some of the iconic names who laid the foundations of the scene. It features the legendary platforms, Lord of the Mics and Risky Roadz as well as pirate radio station De Ja Vu FM. The movie and the soundtrack EP will be released on 13th November 2020. #AAOMovie

Femi Oyeniran and Nicky Slimting, the masterminds behind the hit ‘The Intent’ film series, have just dropped the trailer for their upcoming film ‘Against All Odds’ – a look at the iconic foundations of the UK music scene as we know it today

UK cinema pioneers Nicky Slimting and Femi Oyerniran have just released a trailer for their brand new project, ‘Against All Odds’ – a film that takes a close look at the legendary days of pirate radio that paved the way for the UK music landscape that we now know and love. The film features celebrated platforms such as Lord of the Mics, Risky Roadz and pirate station Deja Vu FM

The pirate music scene that the film is set in is one of the most fabled and seminal periods in UK music history and stories from that time have gone down in history. This film will showcase a story set in this hugely exciting and groundbreaking period, as you’ve never seen it before in a project of this scale.

As the trailer reveals, the film and accompanying soundtrack EP will be released on the 13th November 2020 and it is set to be a momentous occasion.

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