Frisco Ft. DdoubleE & Ghetts ‘Colours’, Prod. Splurge Boys – In Review by DirtyCipher

Wooiii! A whole wave! This one’s got everything. The Splurge Boys have patterned the beat with a heavy 808, light snare/hihats combo, and a hypnotic flute synth melody, and throughout the track, and all 3 MCs make reference to various colours, linking them to their own personal experiences and world views, in an bid to educate, uplift and spread love, in this highly divisive climate that the world both historically, and currently finds itself in.
Frisco patterns the hook spitting about living in colour, rather than the current grey, bleak nature of division, and illustrates his point with a bar about not being discriminatory about women; ‘Bad Bs, all shapes and sizes fam we don’t care about colour’. Later he lays down a verse referencing the consumption of substances having a changing effect on colours, like showing people’s true colours, and shares that he believes himself to be a black king, who does not even want to shine (live in colour), at all, without all his brothers shining with him. Deep.
Ghetts opens his verse with ‘How can they call man coloured, when I’m so transparent?’, and goes on to wonder why people the same colour as him, see him as ‘other’ or not as black, when he never hides the blueprint for his journey. He muses as to why they don’t see that if he is the same colour, and came from the same place as them, and succeeded, that they can too, sharing if they’d empower themselves in the right way, and lose the people around them that are holding them back (the ones that can’t, or rather won’t be told or shown a better way), then there’s no reason that have to stay down either, or worse, so bitter about another man’s success, that they question his validity. Real talk.
Ddouble laces the riddim with knowledge bombs, referencing black people using lightening bleach, and white people forever trying to catch a tan, he highlights the ridiculousness of the very nature of the divisiveness of racism, right from its foundation in 4 bars, oooof! He then suggests people learn to love themselves more, as well as each other. Later he references the colours of the bando, and what he saw coming up; ‘White, green them man have got brown….dressed in black when the beef goes down/Bust a red light, lick man down’, but then describes himself in terms of ‘gold, not silver’, as an indication of his own self worth, to inspire the same in anyone coming from a similar sort of place. Quality.

A sick concept, captivating beat, vibey, vibey flows and bars for days!
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