Ghetts – Mad About Bars w/Kenny Allstar

Alright, this one is on some next level, for real. Coming through on Kenny Allstar’s ‘Mad About Bars’ for Mixtape Madness, backed by haunting vocal synths, skippy hihats and a hard 808, Ghetts takes us to church. Jam packed with references, metaphors, wordplay, and schooling for them, Ghetts laces the track with that signature gunshot, but same time ghostly flow, and explains who he is in terms of being a black man, and a rapper in the U.K.

He starts off remarking how everyone knows his ends, but not his ancestry, how he ‘owns his masters’, but has a ‘slave master’s name’. He points out that a large portion of society cannot understand the complexity or the duality, of spitting about ‘killing ops’, but also standing for Black Lives Matter. He makes no excuses and weaves 2 2 slick G Unit references through the next 4, as  he slips effortlessly into spitting about road, unapologetically, and remembers his time there.

Next he shares that being black is only one of his problems, and he’s weary still. He states that though he may be quiet on the timeline, he’s feeling the weight of recent events, and while he’s hopeful at the unity it has seemingly began to create, he’s tired of the competition he feels ever present, which he likens to the constant rumbling battle in the music scene; ‘I don’t air these rock stars comparing numbers, the nerve of these old boys, how dare these youngers’, then in true Ghetts style, drops a few bars to quiet the noise, ‘I’m a wordsmith, whenever I spell, you should fear what I conjured, I’m a master in witchcraft… this craft’, cold, then later remixes his name to illustrate a mash up of his two identities Justin, and Ghetts ‘Over 10 years deep, still Justin to some and still adjusting to fame‘. Oooof.

This one is gonna be talked about, Mad!

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