Sharky Major – Da Shark & The Major – In Review by DirtyCipher

Rereleasing his 2011 Album, ‘Da Shark & The Major’ on bandcamp this Friday, Sharky reminds everyone he’s had the game on lock since day. A ten track project showcasing Sharky’s diversity, and technical ability both on the mic, and with a pen, this project comes just as fresh as it did the first time, with slick production and tight flows, laced over OG classic patterns.

Main Event – A drum heavy track with an urgent melody, Sharky shells this first one sharing how hungry he is to make it, how real he is, and how skilled. An energy packed opener to the project.

Mind Of A General – Heavy 808s and an ominous, atmospheric melody back Sharky as he spits with his signature sharp flow about being right up there with the top barrers, and being driven to get his business up. Hard.

Dashed Out The Car, Ft. Ghetts – Another heavy riddim with a deep bassline, heavy strings and vocal synths peppered throughout, with both MCs patterning the track about being the best MC, about all other MCs being dun out, and about their accolades, with a wheel up hook running throughout about dashing a man’s dead music. Jheeeeze!

Class – Change of pace on this one to a funkier vibe, with vocal and computer synths, and prominent drums, Sharky starts with a vibey flow, then as the tune drops it’s like shells to your chest, as he describes his journey in music and how he didn’t get the recognition he should’ve at the start, but he knows where he’s been and what he’s achieved, so he’s coming for it! Wavey.

Baller – A Garage inspired track, with vocal synths and another vibey drum pattern, Sharky reminisces about road, and celebrates getting to the bag via music, and living the high life he always wanted. A bop.

Next Ting, Ft. Kosha – Staying on a bit of a Garage tip with the hook, and a computer synth heavy riddim, Sharky patterns the track with energy levels on max, about being the sickest to do it, getting the gyal, getting the bread, and going legit for his daughter, so they can live well. Hard!

Dear God – A religious undertone runs through this one, in both beat and bars, with heavy vocal synths and an orchestral vibe, Sharky laces the track sharing his views on the state of the country as he finds it, for a black man, about how hard it really is to survive out here, about how sometimes man have to do wrong just to get by, about having to face violence, about having to try and stay up when everything’s tanking all around you, and he asks God to please give him the chance to do right, and live right. What’s worrying about this, is that although written in 2011, it could easily have been released last week. Deeper vibes.

Don’t Wanna Know – A jam packed, soul influenced track, this one’s about gyal and relationships. Sharky recounts being accused of cheating, when in fact he was being straight up, and how that kind of unfounded pressure only served to poison the relationship and in the end, actually made him not want to be with the gyal any more. Real ones.

Inspirational, Ft. Mr Angel J – Another Garagey vibe for the hook on this one, with Sharky shelling about how gassed he is to see all his brothers eat from music, and how he’s plotting to get his, because he believes in himself enough to know he can do it. He’s tired of the road, and he’s gonna put in the work to win with his pen. As the title says, inspirational.

Dashed Out The Car Remix, Ft.Frisco, Rival & D Power – Not content with doin a mazza on this one already, Sharky came for round two with some hard, hard MCs, all patterning the track about washed, fake, dun out MCs, and how jarring they are. A banger!

The whole project is a vibe, real lyrical talent, crisp delivery, banging beats, and bars for days, Sharky Major has been at the top for a minute, still. Waves.

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