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For The Music (Joe Fire Remix).mp3 mp3
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Sharky x Manga | For the music | The remixes

Sharky and Manga drop highly anticipated ‘For The Music – The Remixes’

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Release Date: 11-03-2021

Sharky Major and Manga Saint Hilare drop highly anticipated ‘For The Music – The Remixes’ for Christmas Day.
Following the release of the original, Sharky Major gave producers a chance to create an instrumental for the track, with 3 winners to be chosen as official remixes.

The stand-out mixes were from producers Joe Fire, Shizz McNaughty and ZimZima Productions, all delivering a contrasting vibe and flavour, showcasing the technical excellence of both MCs to the fullest, while allowing space to really take in the subject matter of the patterns, where tales from the road come raw, and real, painting a very vivid picture that there’s no glamour to be found in these places, and showing there’s another way, still, encouraging both work ethic, and chasing your dreams.

All 3 remixes bring a slightly different element to the fore, making the track feel different each time.

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