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Tintz | My time will come

Tintz brings us a new wavy Grime banger “My Time Will Come” with production from Kalorific.

On this new tune Tintz comes from a more inspirational perspective giving predictions of where he thinks he will be in the future and setting goals for himself in the music game, as well as reflecting on his career in the game so far as an artist. He also breaks down his lyrics a lot more on this tune giving references to the way he creates lyrics and speaking on their effect on the people listening.

The tracks instrumental was produced by Kalorific and features lot of different ambient melodies created through keys and drawn out smooth synths. The tune has a really wavy upbeat vibe and fits the motivational aspect of this tune really well, this wasn’t the sort of riddim that I was expecting Tintz to touch down on but he certainly made it work and left his mark on this tune and I will be looking forward to seeing what style of tune he takes his art to next.

Author: BagZe

Release Date: 08-10-2021

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