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Taliifa | Regal Energy EP

Taliifah is back with 6 track high energy EP “Regal Energy”.

Taliifah opens up this project with “Who I am” where we get to see her old school hip hop influences clearly in the style of the tune, she has always sounded extremely comfortable on these types of tunes as her flows and styles sound like they were built for it and have perfect chemistry with the beat. She opens up a lot on this tune, speaking on the industry, her music journey, her personal life and much more venting her frustrations and counting her blessings throughout the tune.

The next track “Regal” takes a darker tone as the beat is full of ambient melodies and basses whilst the bars come in with hard and rough cut flows, Taliifah speaks a lot on her perception of the world today and the environments she is around whilst also giving her views and explaining how she deals with it. The track focuses a lot on how Taliifah uplifts herself bringing it back to the title of the EP Regal Energy as she details how throughout all the bad times, she always knew she was meant for more than that.

Taliifah turns up the energy again on the next track “Drout” where she focuses on the Rap scene and shows us exactly what real Rap sounds like as well as giving her thoughts on the system and how it deals with talent. The instrumental follows a more modern soundscape bringing drill like energy which was the perfect setting for this track due to the content in the verses speaking to a lot of things in that scene.

This is followed up by “Elevatin” keeping up the vibe bringing that hard Rap energy in the hooks and in the verses. The beat takes a more cinematic tone with heavy emphasis on strings and orchestral style melodies on top of light basslines and swift drums.

Taliifah switches it up completely on the next tune “Rise” speaking on a lot of struggles from her youth such as not being able to see eye to eye with her family and detailing how the environment around her changed her. The track is extremely melodic making the lyrics hit that little bit harder as they flow through the melodies and ambient sounds of the tune. Laurissa Soul comes in to sing the hook on this one and really brings the vibe of this track together creating the perfect soundscape with her vocals to take in the depth of this track.

Taliifah closes out the project with “Initiation” where she takes it right back to that classic hip hop feel with lots of blues samples being used to make up the main stems of the track whilst being mixed in with a more modern soundscape of hard 808s and skippy drum patterns. The tune serves as a perfect outro as it really brings the whole project together and sets the stage for Taliifah’s future.

Release Date: 05-11-2021

Rhythm Rollers - Taliifa | Regal Energy EP

"she focuses on the Rap scene and shows us exactly what real Rap sounds like as well as giving her thoughts on the system and how it deals with talent"

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