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Renz | Loose

Renz sends shots again with latest drop “Loose”


Renz, Mobset member, puts Reece West in the firing line again after sending more shots on his latest offering “Loose”.

Following his #CairnsHillChallenge3 recently where he previously sent for Reece West and GHS, the Lambeth MC is living up to the “Grime Scene Antagonist” by name dropping again.


Accompanied by skippy flows and savage bars, Renz is hungry with this one.

He calls out his rivals Reese West and GHS…“I dont like West but he’s cool with Rawza, see me in west, Mobset almost got blocked coz of silly grime scene informers”.


Before dropping the next bar: “GHS acting weird online.

“Tweeting about AJ Tracey, fuckin hell.

“Like Logan Dana never gave you a fuckin L .

“Most these mcs they fuckin smell”.


Renz then revisits his beef with Subten and explain to us all that all three MCs can’t “murk man”.

Known for his cheeky bars and his infamous one-liner “WhoopDiDiDoo”, fans await in anticipation for the MC to drop the full “WhoopDiDiDoo” project.

Produced by Duppy, this grimey track is jumpy and full of flavour. Be sure to run this one up!


Take in the visuals, shot by David Cheno & Travz.

Author: Kblogz

Release Date: 09-01-2022

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Rhythm Rollers - Renz | Loose

"Renz sends shots again with latest drop 'Loose'"

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