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P Money & Silencer | Stuttering | Ft Chip, D Double E & Dizzee Rascal

There’s no better feeling than a bundle of your favourite artists (and producer) coming together to create absolute fire. That’s exactly what P Money and Silencer did on their latest works, ‘Untraditional EP’, and one of the tracks taken from the project has received the special treatment with a music video drop.. We love to see it.

P called on Grime legends Dizzee Rascal, Chip and D Double E for highly rated track ‘Stuttering’, and the accompanying visual reaches the sky-high levels the audio had already set. Dropping only yesterday, the impactful production has already been viewed thousands of times, and rightly so. Filmed and edited by Jedd Roberts, the tenebrous video partners the haunting instrumental wonderfully; the packed out cameos, featuring icons such as Blacks, Footsie and more, provide an exciting backdrop for the MCs, further complementing the use of flashing lights, spicy lyricism and clean transitions.

The hook is beautifully memorable, combining P Money’sbeloved flow with one of D Double’s most popular adlibs, before dropping straight into a ridiculously cold verse from Chip. Dizzee bursts through the crowd to perform his 16, utilizing his champion tone and a busy flow with D Doublefollowing instantly with such a brilliant two-bar it just HAS to be wheeled immediately. This collaboration holds GOAT status, already with youtubers commenting their preferred remix, calling on names such as CasIsDead, Ghetts, Kano and JME.

The work-rate never slows for these remarkable musicians, and we can only expect a few more bold visual releases to come from ‘Untraditional EP’. Make sure you go do up streams on this one!

Author: Miz

Release Date: 13-10-2021

Rhythm Rollers - P Money & Silencer | Stuttering | Ft Chip, D Double E & Dizzee Rascal

"This collaboration holds GOAT status"

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