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Narst x Cheezee x P-Lay | Red Light, Green Light

It’s pretty safe to say that the ground breaking Netflix series Squid Game bridged the gaps between your average drama series and a K-Drama, having the entire UK hooked on its gripping and sometimes twisted plot.
Grime MCs Narst, Cheezee and P-Lay have formed an alliance to let off a brand-new offering inspired by the series dubbed “Red Light, Green Light”.  This is a truly fresh offering- the way the trio have captured the essence of the show is cold!
The greazy back-beat comes courtesy of Glitch se18, which sees grime meet Squid Game in a hard mash up of drums blended with elements of the series infectious theme music. Each MC grasps the opportunity to lace the beat with a rally of unbreakable bars, bringing all 3 flows together to create a memorable banger. Not forgetting the slick use of Squid Game references injected into each MCs bars. How many can you pick out? 
To compliment the offering, the trio link up to let off an energetic visual which sees the spitters don their masks, a yet another playful reference to the show.  The production comes in perfect time to mark the passing of Halloween.

Author: Shan Selena

Release Date: 31-10-2021

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Rhythm Rollers - Narst x Cheezee x P-Lay | Red Light, Green Light

"The greazy back-beat comes courtesy of Glitch se18"

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