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Hitpoint | Ritual

HITPOINT is back with another Bandcamp exclusive 3 track EP “Ritual”

The first track “Ritual” uses various different ambient keys blending with shifting 808s creating the futuristic dystopian soundscape that HITPOINT is known for from his versatile styles of production.

The second track “Espíritu” which translates to Spirit in English is a highly melodic tune which relies on various melodies from foreign strings in which you can hear the clear Spanish influence for this tune as well as in the VOX. HITPOINT has always been good at separating himself from the crowd in terms of his styles of production and it is always sick to see someone using their influences to create some different waves in Grime, the instrumental is also layered with hard 808s and soft percussion setting the pace for the tune.

The third track “Pagans” shifts the tone yet again leaving a lot more space in the mix compared to his other tunes, a lot of these sounds come in with hard impacts but are spaced out in a way where they almost seem to flow in and out around all the ambient sounds being used making up a majority of this tracks main stem.

Author: BagZe

Release Date: 13-11-2021

Rhythm Rollers - Hitpoint | Ritual

"HITPOINT is known for from his versatile styles of production"

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