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Devlin | Next Breed

Devlin is coming in with brand new single “Next Breed” featuring Grime scene originals JME, Frisco and Syer B with legendary production from Lewi White.

Everyone brings their A game for this tune with some of the hardest verses we have seen all year. Devlin starts off with quick flows and comes with his signature deep wordplay throughout his verse before turning it up for the hook. The way JME is able to ride this tune is a lot different to everyone else, he seems extremely comfortable with a variety of styles and setting different paces for his flows. Frisco comes in next doing what he does best mixing in fast flows with hard punchlines which sound perfect for this type of tune, Frisco always brings the energy and was a sick choice for this tune. Syer B comes in last with fast paced multi’s and punchlines, his different style of sound is made extremely clear throughout his lyrics with deliveries coming in vastly different to most due to the choices of words selected and is a sick way of letting his personality shine through in his lyrics. As we have seen him working closely with Devlin in the past, you can tell that the chemistry between them is strong, and they are both well aware of how to make music together.

The instrumental is reminiscent of Lewi White’s old school instrumentals with hard basslines and ambient melodies however the levels have clearly been raised since then with a lot more organisation in sound scape as different riffs and sounds fade in and out through various parts of the tune giving it a lot more variety and style. The vox on this tune is used perfectly as it feels like it plays off the impact of the bassline following up after the hard sounds creating a sick contrast. The tune adds extra keys across its hook giving it a stronger identity and allowing the energy to come up.

Author: BagZe

Release Date: 07-10-2021

Rhythm Rollers - Devlin | Next Breed

" Featuring Grime scene originals JME, Frisco and Syer B with legendary production from Lewi White"

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