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D Double E | G's Only | Ft Chip

D Double E has partnered up once again with fellow scene legend Chip for this raw and grimey offering “G’s Only”.

Produced by Grime’s go-to engineer, Silencer, who laces the track with a catchy baseline and eerie loops, this whole collaboration gives us plenty to be excited about. 

Chip comes in and bodies the first verse with his story-telling bars and effortless flow as he goes back and forth with D Double E, who as usual brings a bag of word play and Bluku-language adlibs, which line Chip’s hook throughout, giving us that energy that D Double is known and loved for. 

The visuals show snippets of Chip and D Double from the early days, from Risky Roadz to MySpace, with Femi Oyeniran and Nicky “Slimting” Walker directing the masterpiece.

This project comes just a few weeks after the release of P Money’s “Stuttering” which saw the pair feature on, but this marks D Double’s first solo project since his last album D.O.N.

D Double E is about to kick off UK tour, starting in Glasgow on December 12.


Author: KBlogz

Release Date: 24-11-2021

Rhythm Rollers - D Double E | G's Only

"The visuals show snippets of Chip and D Double from the early days"

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