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Bruza | Deal Wiv It EP

Bruza is extremely unique and dynamic in his approach to music. Hailing from Hackney, the deep-rooted MC is a veteran in his own right. It seems Bruza has been patterning the scene since day dot, with a commendable inventory of early releases and iconic clashes.
It’s refreshing to see the mic man on his return this year equipped with new content. His latest offering comes in the shape of a 5-part EP dubbed as “Deal Wiv It”.
If there’s one thing that Bruza does famously, then it’s his ability to bring plentiful energy to the mic! The newly released body of work is brimming with his trademark liveliness. The cockney spitter takes each riddim and injects it with a distinctive character.
Bruza didn’t come to play, he goes all out with an army of heavyweight producers in tow, to create the ideal instrumental back drop. Silencer, Terror Danjah, Danny D, D.O.K and Filthy Gears make up the unbreakable production line up. Bruza just seems to bounce off each creative so well, with his stand out flow tying together so neatly with each energetic riddim.
He wasn’t done there, as vocal features came in abundance too! We have to hand Bruza his flowers for the madness he has done here. Tommy B, Ten Dixon, PK and Reece West all on the same tape with one of grimes most established MCs? Certifiably cold. Each MC holds their own on their tune, sprinkling their own unique sound onto the project. The chemistry between Bruza and his fellow spitters is electric.
Each component of the track list brings versatility to the table, with previously released singles “Pick It Up” and “She Wants Sum” finding their slot on the new EP, along with collaborative joints “Man or Mouse” and “…Stop It”. Not forgetting, title track “Deal Wiv It”, the playful riddim coming with a lively visual to compliment.
Every individual track is paramount in the structure of the inspired project, each one a layer of Bruza and his unapologetic stance to his craft.

Author: Shan Selena

Release Date: 10-09-2021

Rhythm Rollers - Bruza | Deal Wiv It EP

"Bruza didn’t come to play, he goes all out with an army of heavyweight producers in tow"

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