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Bossman Birdie | Rhythm & Gash | Ft Footsie, Scrufizzer & D Double E

Bossman Birde is back with a remix of classic Grime Instrumental Rhythm & Gash featuring legendary line up of D Double E, Scrufizzer & Footsie.

There have been lots of Rhythm & Gash vocals & remixes in the past but this one really does the tune justice with Bossman coming in with hard punchlines and swift deliveries all over the tune followed by a hook to bring in the singalong element that makes this tune iconic. D Double is up next bringing in his classic Grime energy with his signature delivery on his bars and ripping up the mic with fast and aggressive flows. Scrufizzer comes in next bringing his vibes to the riddim with brand new singalongs and quick multi’s mixed in with the high energy fast flows he is known for. Footsie closes out the tune with hard hitting punchlines playing off the impact of the riddim whilst mixing in different styles into his verse.

The instrumental is a remix of the iconic Grime tune Rhythm and Gash featuring a lot of the same main stems that made Rhythm and Gash so big however it is mixed in with hard basslines and ambient sounds with the original stems fading in and out throughout the verses before coming back in for the hook, the bass adds so much more impact to this tune and puts a different spin on it that we haven’t heard before as most remixes have focused on the melody aspect of the tune.

This tune will be one of the highlights of 2021 in my opinion, its old school line up is so right for it, the vibe came together perfectly and is reminiscent of classic Grime energy on a tune but bringing a brand new vibe to a classic tune at the same time.

Release Date: 16-11-2021

Rhythm Rollers - Bossman Birdie | Rhythm & Gash

"The instrumental is a remix of the iconic Grime tune Rhythm and Gash"

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