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BigMoviee x G Man x C Roots | My Life

BigMoviee, C Roots and Slewdem Crew original G Man bring us an absolute Rap banger titled “My Life”.

This tune has a lot of consistent themes throughout however what brings it all together is the credibility in the 3 artists on this track who come across as some of the realest in the whole scene and the way that they carry themselves cannot be imitated. BigMoviee’s styles fit the melodies of the tune so well from the hook to the verses, he creates the perfect atmosphere for this one with his melodic deliveries. G Man sounds like his style was made for this tune, catching the vibe perfectly, he comes in with the classic Slewdem energy as well as still coming with bare deep subjects in his lyrics throughout his verse such as looking after the youth, being broke and making money off the road as well as growing up there. G Man comes in with a more relaxed tone than what we are used to seeing him on tunes with however his bars carry just as much weight and depth to them as they always have and was a personal highlight for me. C Roots comes in to close out the track with his verse and clearly catches the vibe of the track as well coming with hard bars and rough punchlines whilst speaking on various subjects influencing his personality as well as criminality and his lifelong connection with it.

As well as the sick line up of artists on this tune and the gritty realities that they go into throughout their bars the other thing that makes this tune bang is its production. The instrumental is a melodical masterpiece with one piano stem acting as the backbone for the track with sub basses fading in and out creating the perfect atmosphere for the depth of the bars on this tune, the instrumental is not over complex or vastly progressive, yet it doesn’t need to be as it provides the perfect canvas for the topics on this tune and helps the listeners to feel the depth of these subjects.

The visuals feature all of the artists meeting up on the estate with some of their friends and even some of the youngers from their families. From Chronik and C Roots riding scooters to everyone just having a laugh and spitting on the estate the video sets the scene of a group of people with mutual respect for each other trying to live the best they can out on the estate where life has always brought conflict and hard times however the community aspect is strong and in sometimes would have been all they had. Sometimes that’s enough to keep everyone motivated to chase their goals and dreams.

Author: BagZe

Release Date: 08-10-2021

Rhythm Rollers - BigMoviee x G Man x C Roots | My Life

"the 3 artists on this track who come across as some of the realest in the whole scene"

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