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Mak 10 Show | Mode FM | Roll Deep Special

Mak 10 treated us all to two hours of straight fire when Roll Deep legends Manga and Roachee passed through to Mode FM on Wednesday along with MC Hyperactive, and DJ’s Karnage, Big Beatz and Spin E B.Nasty Crew veteran Mak 10 stepped away from the decks for one night to hand over to his guests as he hosted and enjoyed the heavy two-hour set.To get things warmed up Major Muzik DJ, Big Beatz came with a dubplate special full of Grime bangers including Discarda, Sharky Major, Jamakabi, Dizzle Kid and Tommy B.

Spin E B spun some hard UK Funky beats while Hyperactive jumped on the mic and shelled down the room with ease before Manga and Roachee reunited and did what they do best.

There were plenty of wheel-ups and Karnage brought it back to basics DJing straight vinyl – he even pulled out an original Jammer instrumental on vinyl which had everyone going nuts.
If you missed out on the magic then watch this space for the full footage.

Author: KBlogz

Release Date: 25-12-2021

Rhythm Rollers - Mak 10 Show | Mode FM | 25/12/21

"The two Roll Deep dons went back to back with Karnage for an hour bringing nothing but pure vibes and energy, giving us all a feeling of nostalgia"

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