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J-Wing | Raw & Uncut Freeze FM | 2003

We all love Grime history, right? That overwhelming nostalgia watching old sets on stations that no longer exist, hearing that bar that first ignited your love for the genre, viewing unseen footage that could have been lost in the archives forever.. It’s a wonderful thing. That’s why this visual documentary/set from Grime Network is more important than you know.

Grime Network founder and Blackcrown Music MC J-Winghas bought us a piece of never seen before footage from our beloved genres history, and it revives a station almost forgotten with the fast-moving times; Freeze FM, a West London station born in 1999 that quickly became one of the most highly-rated Pirate stations in the UK (even winning 3 awards for being so!). On air via 92.7FM, Freeze was the homeground for an abundance of our now-favourite legendary MC’s before the final airing in 2009. J-Wing has recovered a lost visual from an absolutely top tier set, and it’s 34 minutes of Grime perfection.

The set features pioneers such as Kano, Sharky Major, Crazy Titch, D Double E, Bashy, Stormin (R.I.P), Nasty Jack and so many more. The set is from 2003, which is absolutely insane when you truly deep the levels of what Grime was in the early years. The visual begins with a young Marcus Nasty inside, before moving into the bulk of the set. This footage uncovers the raw passion that Grime was born from, a room full of hungry MC’s not-so-patiently awaiting their time to shell down. The documentary shows a variety of young faces, ones who are still reaching levels of success in the new age, with ones who have disappeared over the years due to a number of reasons, MC’s true Grime lovers will always respect and admire. The busy environment holds the essence of the genre, how it all started and where their strive for victory stemmed from.

Pirate Radio will forever have a place in many of our hearts; it’s where most of us young MC’s started, where our part-time grind became a career mindset and the various dark, dingy rooms where we honed our skills. This set-documentary is incredibly moving and fascinating, and footage like this will always embody the true meaning of Grime.

You can watch the Raw & Uncut Freeze FM 2003 set on Blackcrown’s YouTube channel now.

Author: Miz

Release Date: 03-05-2021

Rhythm Rollers - J-Wing | Raw & Uncut Freeze FM | 2003

"Grime Network founder and Blackcrown Music MC J-Winghas bought us a piece of never seen before footage from our beloved genres history"

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