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DJ Misundastood | Mode FM

DJ Misundastood Mode FM with Killa P, Manga Saint Hilaire, Roachee, Tintz & Joe Fire

Known by many for some of the coldest sets to take place between the four walls of Mode FM, DJ Misundastood is a man who takes his craft seriously- turning his passion for grime into a stack of memorable performances.
When it boils down to business, this is a DJ who rallies in the troops with the intent of creating pure fire, enlisting some of the finest MCs in the scene to shell down over his unbreakably hard mixes.
Killa P, Manga Saint Hilaire, Roachee, Tintz and Joe Fire are the latest comrades to join Misundastood at the decks. Oh boy, did they do a madness here!
The set is mega! From the get-go, each MC alternates in gliding over the fluctuating mix of riddims spun, serving up five unique flows and some head-turning bars. Here we have a line-up of barrers unleashing their signature flows to bring about a spectacle of shelling, bouncing off one another and yet again, assisting DJ Misundastood in the manufacturing of a heavyweight grime set.
You don’t want to miss this one!

Release Date: 10-07-2021

Rhythm Rollers - DJ Misundastood | Mode FM

Oh boy, did they do a madness here!

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