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TGOS | S:1 | EP:1 | Pilot

Here at Grime Originals, we are always coming up with fresh new ways to deliver the best content to showcase the genre we love. The Grime Originals Show is a new monthly project hosted by Sharky Major, to show off the best grime talent. The debut episode is full of content, with Grime Originals Murk Sessions and interviews with Namesbliss and Novelist, release round ups hosted by Chloe Mykel, grime quizzes with Manga Saint Hilare and discussions on the hot topics in the scene.

In this episode, Manga initiates a discussion on whether grime is dead, and they all speak on the evolution of the sound over the years. The conversation then takes a path onto the controversy around AJ Tracey’s comments on grime, which Chloe and Manga both make interesting points on, seeing it not just from a grime perspective but from a potential perspective of AJ’s.

Performances from Namesbliss and Novelist bring some fire riddims to the show, with Namesbliss performing his tunes Ruffian and Paperchase and Novelist performing some of his more recent bangers Dun Know and Wagwan. Both shell it down and are interviewed by Chloe about their performance on the show.

Chloe also rounds up the latest releases in the last month, reviewing some of the projects put out by the likes of Queenie, Jaykae, Lady Shocker and more. This will be a repeating part of the show to give a spotlight to all the sick tunes from the past month.

Manga then finishes the show with a “Grime Originals Grime Quiz Thingy”, as he called it. He has done this on his Instagram stories before but now, he has taken it to the Grime Originals show. You had 24 hours to email grimeoriginals@gmail.com with your answers, which they will be revealed in the next episode, but if you missed this month’s, you’ll get another chance next time!

This show will champion the best in grime and give a spotlight to all those who put in the work and make sick music. A new episode will be released very soon, which will continue the showcase of this great scene we call Grime.

Release Date: 31-05-2021

Rhythm Rollers - TGOS | S:1 | EP:1 | Pilot

"In this episode, Manga initiates a discussion on whether grime is dead"

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