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Silencer | Grime Originals Set | 6th Nov 2021

Grime Originals brings us footage from their latest event at Fire Vauxhall featuring explosive performances from Riko Dan, Discarda, Jammer, Funky Dee, Manga, Tommy B, Dogzilla, Flowdan, Bruza, Lady Shocker, MIZ and SBK with mixing from Silencer.

The set has everyone firing on top form bringing their most iconic bars and some of their hardest new material lighting up the event with energy. All of the Mc’s on this line up can be extremely explosive in the moment managing to ride the waves of the tunes perfectly to create some of the classic Grime settings that Grime Originals has been bringing to their events for the past five years.

Silencer sets the vibe perfectly for this show with his selection bringing in some of the hardest hitting riddims in his selection for the Mc’s to feed off and bring in all their different types of styles over the high energy tunes in the mix. The mix contains a nice balance of classics and new material blended together really well to keep the setting consistent with the first half of the set containing more recent instrumentals and the second half of the set bringing more of an emphasis on the classic tunes.

Shot by mj_connects, and edited by DirtyCipher

Author: BagZe

Release Date: 29-11-2021

Rhythm Rollers - Silencer | Grime Originals Set

"The set has everyone firing on top form bringing their most iconic bars"

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