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Remembering Grime Legend DJ Scholar

Remembering grime legend DJ Scholar

Yesterday, we were met with the devastating news that veteran Ruff Sqwad Member DJ Scholar had sadly passed away.

Scholar was an integral part of the scene, with his tireless work pioneering the genre from as early as 2004. He worked closely with his fellow artists to elevate the grime community to new levels, showing a raw passion and love for UK music. Ruff Sqwad are perhaps one of the most integral collectives in the halls of grime, having piqued the interest of many and inspired new generations of artists with their iconic tapes including volumes one and two of the ‘Guns and Roses’projects- known to house some of the scenes heaviest riddims including “Together” and “Ice Cream” with Roachee and XTC. The classic tapes were some of the very best to bless the circuit- with DJ Scholar at the helm of it all.

Aside from his work in the collective, Scholar worked flat out on his solo career, flexing his talent behind the buttons with a series of stand-out productions- working alongside an impressive string of MCs. The Bow-born artist was an incredible producer right from the moment he emerged onto the scene, engineering a catalogue of unforgettable instrumentals. Scholar loved what he did, and it seeped through his music, an overwhelming energy, and a dose of tenacity. “Hear Dis” is a prime example of Scholars dynamic work. The skippy, high-energy beat was swiftly patterned by Chip and Stormzy- but the track would never have been complete without Scholar’s signature production.

Scholar was the glue to many tracks, providing each artist with the ideal back beat to bring their lyrics to life. Below is a list of some of his finest production pieces.

• Mercston- Match Fit
• Funky Dee- Outsiders
• So Large- Tipex
• Scrocher- 99 Riddim
• Double S- Oi Freestyle

That iconic “Scholar” tag will always ring loud, representing the work of a legend.

The multi-faceted pioneer was also at the forefront of a long-standing radio show on Pyro, where Scholar welcomed his fellow grime artists with open arms in the hope of showcasing their sounds to masses. He wanted the best for everyone, he wanted his people to win, and this is why he will always be a pinnacle in the game. From his early pirate radio appearances, slick remixes, and solid production material- DJ Scholar’s unforgivable talent will help his memory to live on.

Rest in power, DJ Scholar.

Author: Shan Selena

Release Date: 22-11-2021

Rhythm Rollers - Remembering Grime Legend DJ Scholar

"That iconic “Scholar” tag will always ring loud, representing the work of a legend"

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