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Mez & Grandmixxer | One Uncle Showcase

Mez & Grandmixxer brings us a new set with Duppy and Natty in celebration of his new album “One Uncle” performing his new project live as well as playing some instrumentals for the second half of the set for Mez, Duppy and Natty to spray over to bring even more energy to this set.

Mez has always been a great performer and combined with Grandmixxer’s style of mixing and the energies that he brings to the set creates something special that you don’t see anywhere else. Mez comes with his standout styles and sprays with aggression showing good he is on the mic as well as how much personality he puts into his music.

Grandmixxer plays a lot of old school sounding instrumentals on this one with hard hitting sounds for the Mc’s to land on with less melodies being used making for darker sounds which fit the scene of this set very well.

Author: BagZe

Release Date: 20-08-2021

Rhythm Rollers - Mez & Grandmixxer | One Uncle Showcase

"Mez has always been a great performer"

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