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Kirby T | Grime Originals | Fire Vauxhall | 21st Nov

Grime Originals brings us footage from their latest event at Fire Vauxhall featuring high energy performances from Tintz, TCDAGENIUS, Razor, Joe Fire, JonEClayface & JoSoSick with mixing from Kirby T.

This set brings out the highlights of the underground Grime movement which has been supporting the scenes foundation for a long time now and you’ll see exactly why when you watch this with all these artists bringing in some of their newest heat and their classics bringing in fresh new styles that stand out from the rest.

Kirby T’s mixing sets the vibe for the set perfectly with some of the darkest riddims coming in and building up the atmosphere as well as a lot of the high energy electronic styles that have been coming in recently, overall it does a perfect jobs to set the tone for this set.

All these guys bring plenty to take in and if you were looking for fresh material in Grime this would be one of the places to find it and it is definitely worth following these guys journeys throughout the scene.

Author: BagZe

Release Date: 12-12-2021

Rhythm Rollers - Kirby T | Grime Originals

"This set brings out the highlights of the underground Grime movement"

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