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Grindhouse | Interview

The Grime Originals Introducing series will see us form an alliance with a string of emerging creatives within the scene, to shine a light on all of the outstanding work they offer.
In the very first interview of our Grime Originals ‘Introducing’ series, we sat down with grime producer Grindhouse to get an insight into the world of the eclectic artist and his charismatic sound.

Shan – It is great to be interviewing you! To anybody who may not know already, who is Grindhouse and how did it all begin for you? 

Grindhouse – Thank you, really appreciate it! That’s a long story so I’ll try to keep it short. I started producing a long time ago. Like a lot of people in grime I started out making beats on Music 2000 on the Playstation. Then I started to take it more seriously. I got signed to a couple of little independent labels but nothing ever got released. This was before streaming was really a thing! Then I was making music on and off but only started taking it seriously again in 2019. Since then, I’ve not stopped! I get agitated if I go more than a day or two without making music.

Shan – I must say, your work rate is incredible! What is the driving force behind your creative flair? 

Grindhouse – Thank you! I always look at who’s doing more than me and it drives me forward. People like Filthy Gears and Spooky put out so much music of such high quality that it drives me to reach that level. And I feel like I’m making up for lost time. It took me until a couple of years ago to develop that work ethic where I really want to learn and improve, so now I’m doing something music related every second I can. And I constantly just have ideas for things I want to try. They don’t always work but it keeps me inspired.

Shan – How did you become to love grime, what made you want to produce your own grime riddims? 

Grindhouse – Since I was a kid I was massively into hiphop, jungle and dancehall and they’re big parts of the DNA of grime. And I’ve always loved music with a dark and aggressive edge so it made perfect sense really. Grime had this energy to it that made it exciting. It was so unique. I think Boy In Da Corner and the first Run The Road compilation were pivotal moments for me. When I started making music again, grime was the only thing that I really wanted to make because it still has that excitement to it and there’s so many different sounds within grime that I can always find new ways to express myself.

Shan – If you could define your sound in three words, what would they be and why? 

Grindhouse – Dark. Cinematic. Unique. Definitely “dark”. Not every tune, but even the lighter tunes I think there’s always a little bit of an edge or feeling of something under the surface. I don’t know that I’ve ever made anything that’s just “happy music”! A lot of my beats are inspired by movies or videogames. And I get told my sound is unique, or that I’m versatile a lot. Sometimes I feel like that’s a back-handed compliment from people but I do strive to not sound like anyone else and do different things so maybe I should just take it at face-value! I don’t worry about being influenced by other people because I think I naturally make it sound different.

Shan – Your music is received so well by people within the scene, how does this make you feel? 

Grindhouse – The fact there are people who love it and really support it is incredible to me. I’m not a big name, I don’t have thousands of fans, but just knowing anyone cares about my music enough to listen, buy it, share it or play it on radio is mad. It’s fuel to carry on making better and better stuff really. I want people to get excited every time I put something out. To be honest, there’s plenty of people who don’t fuck with me AT ALL, and part of me wants to win those people over and make them fans as well! But you can’t focus too much on that, everyone has their taste and I know I’m not for everyone so I try to focus more energy on people who do like it. All I would say is, if you heard my music 1 year, 2 years ago, even a month ago and didn’t like it, then don’t write me off…I’m always evolving and switching up the sound!

Shan – Out of all the material you have released to the public ear, which is your favourite and why? 

Grindhouse – I really like Crown, the title track to my 2nd EP. I think it’s possibly the best piece of music I’ve made so far. I also like Video Nasty a lot, it was exactly the vibe I was going for at the time, of like 80s horror movie themed grime. It’s also done quite big numbers on streaming by my standard! 2.5k streams isn’t exactly Drake levels but it’s not bad for a grime instrumental by someone who is pretty much unknown! And I have a massive soft spot for IRL. It was the first tune I ever put out, the first vocal tune as well and probably the most properly grimy-grime tune I’ve made. Genghis Kong smashed it.

Shan – What’s next for Grindhouse moving forward?

Grindhouse – More and more music! Solo stuff and collaborations. I’ve got another song with Tophe coming out in October, this one is featuring Tintz. It’s called “Cross The Ts” so look out for that one, and we’ve got a few more in the works together as well. I’ve been working on some stuff with BIG E-D that absolutely bangs. We both want to push the sound forward so I think we work well together. At some point there’ll be more in the Beats of Rage series with Random Dready as well. People really love that series and it’s always fun working with him on those video game type of tunes. And I’m halfway done making a slightly weirder EP as well. I’m not gonna say too much but it’s inspired by the TV show Twin Peaks, and it is definitely going to show a different side to my sound…

Shan – Who is your dream collaboration within the grime scene? 

Grindhouse – Ah man…do I just have to pick one? My answer would probably change every day of the week! I’m gonna cheat a little bit. If we’re talking producers then probably Terror Danjah. He’s just such a legend to me, he was one of the first producers in grime I really respected so that would be incredible. In terms of MCs, I’ve got a shopping list! P Money, Flowdan, Kano, Nolay, Manga, there’s so many…I’m gonna say Flowdan today. I think I could tailor a whole project to Flowdan really well so yeah, that’s who I’d pick today. An EP with me and Flowdan would be atmospheric as fuck.

Author: Shan Selena

Release Date: 15-11-2021

Rhythm Rollers - Grindhouse | Interview

"Since I was a kid I was massively into hiphop, jungle and dancehall and they’re big parts of the DNA of grime"

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