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Bruza | Grime Originals | 6th Nov

Almost a month on from Grime Originals live come back event, attendees are still talking about the night that they witnessed a selection of grimes finest raise the roof of Fire, Vauxhall. The latest footage to drop on the Grime Originals YouTube enables fans to relive one of the liveliest sets of the night, featuring straight shellings from veteran MC Bruzaaccompanied by DOK on the decks.

DOK spun a fiery set brimming with high energy bangers which perfectly matched the brisk flows of man like Bruza. From the moment he walked onto the stage, Bruzacommanded the space with his robust stage presence. Fans were spoilt to a solid performance from both the MC and DJ- injecting a huge dose of energy into the already jostling crowd.

The “Deal Wiv It” spitter was firing on supreme form from the get-go, bodying everything DOK threw his way in his typical charismatic manner.

Filmed by MJ Connects

Edited by Dirty Cipher

Author: Shan Selena

Release Date: 04-12-2021

Rhythm Rollers - Bruza | Grime Originals | 6th Nov

"The “Deal Wiv It” spitter was firing on supreme form from the get-go"

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